If I was a beta tester on Steam, will my save data carry over to the Early Access version of Pit People?

You’ve got a 99.99% chance of bringing your Steam save data over to the Early Access version of Pit People! 
In October 2016, we asked all Beta Testers on Steam to select Pit People in the Steam Library and choose “Delete Local Content” to avoid issues when the game comes out. This removed the build from players’ PCs, but that delicious, glorious, and hard-earned save data should be waiting for you in the Steam Cloud. 
If a Steam Beta Tester removed data from the Cloud, however, then it might be lost like tears in the rain.
Note: Closed Beta Save Data will be transferable to the Early Access version of Pit People on Steam only.

When Early Access launches on Steam, Closed Beta Testers who purchase Pit People will have their chance to pick up where they left off — or, simply choose another save slot if you wish to start fresh. 

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