Known Issues For Early Access and XGP

        This is an active list that will be updated periodically! Please don’t report these issues!

  • Recruiting Rub Savory during Critical hit! will not end the Battle. 
  • Bluetooth dongles causing fps drop. 
  • The 2nd player loses rumble notification for secret spots after dropping out of a match.
  • Than/Then typo in "Heart Break Hospital" quest.
  • Throwing items without shield penetration do not show increased range on character.
  • The last conversation for "Making News" is not translated when in Spanish.
  • After turning in the quest "Haunt Jaunt" User is unable to move after reaching objective.
  • Switches will not turn on if previously stunning an enemy with a cannon. A quick workaround is to enter another battle and flee. This should reactivate the switch. 
  • Missing subtitles for Spaceship Battle Cutscene after defeating Helmitor.
  • Multiple lines are missing translations in "Parque De Los Muertos".
  • Jerkimedes and Salt Deer will cycle through their animation twice at the end of "Needs Salt" quest.
  • Tournament rewards "Remove Item" can be received.
  • Laundry Day quest will become Stuck when turning in the quest objective.
  • Buying a Vampiress from the Marquette crashes the game.
  • Damage Flags turned on sometimes causes white overlay on fighters behind terrain.
  • Kobolds/Gnome pairs can sometimes have the same name when recruited or purchased.
  • Helmitor is unintentionally recruitable during the Fortress battle, breaking story progression.
  • "Week" / "Weak" typo in the Survival Guide Pixie page
  • Wanted Webslinger (World Map mission): Lady legs will have infinite health and cannot be defeated.
  • There is a spot surrounded by fences, next to the river in "The Fencing Yard" that the wagon can get stuck in! Be careful!
  • Overflow items from your inventory can end up in the lava after completing Magma Carta part 4
  • During "The Rookie" World Map quest, if you fling any of your fighters with a Gnome they will die when they land.
  • Survival guide unit descriptions are not translated in non-English languages.
  • Frostwaddle will become unkillable during Tombraider quest.
  • When driving the wagon with WASD keys the cursor will be frozen in place.
  • Benjamina fails to move during robot factory battle in Freeware or Death!
  • Troll Mother will spawn in unmovable terrain during the Snottery Barn quest.

Last updated 2/23/2017 (Added a few items)

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