Known Issues For Early Access and XGP

        This is an active list that will be updated periodically! Please don’t report these issues!

  • Recruiting Rub Savory during Critical hit! will not end the Battle.
  • Checkmark graphic is cut off when turning in failed and Passed quests.
  • After completing the objective in Gulga Burr, choosing to stay and defeating all enemies does not end the battle if the thermostat is broken before the Sultan of Shivers is killed.
  • Bluetooth dongles causing fps drop.
  • Lavatory Mk4 auto-completes if auto-battler is on.
  • 2nd player loses rumble notification for secret spots after dropping out of a match.
  • Than/Then typo in "Heart Break Hospital" quest.
  • The last conversation for "Making News" is not translated when in Spanish.
  • After turning in the quest "Haunt Jaunt" User is unable to move wagon after reaching the objective.
  • Switches will not turn on if previously stunning an enemy with a cannon. A quick workaround is to enter another battle and flee. This should reactivate the switch.
  • Frostwaddle can not be defeated occasionally during Tome Raider quest.
  • Missing subtitles for Spaceship Battle Cutscene after defeating Helmitor.
  • Multiple lines are missing translations in "Parque De Los Muertos".
  • Jerkimedes and Salt Deer will cycle through their animation twice at the end of "Needs Salt" quest.
  • Tournament rewards "Remove Item" can be received.
  • Laundry Day quest will become Stuck when turning in the quest objective.
  • Damage Flags turned on sometimes causes white overlay on fighters behind terrain.
  • During "The Rookie" World Map quest, if you fling any of your fighters with a Gnome they will die when they land.
  • Overflow items from your inventory can end up in the lava after completing Magma Carta part 4.
  • Mushrooms show a 1% chance to poison while in the House.
  • "Week" / "Weak" typo in the Survival Guide Pixie page
  • Survival guide unit descriptions are not translated in non-English languages.
  • Benjamina fails to move during robot factory battle in Freeware or Death!
  • Troll Mother will spawn in unmovable terrain during the Snottery Barn quest.
  • "Sacrificing" / "Sacraficing" typo in the Cupcake Survival guide entry.
  • Saying No in the Serf’s Up Quest can cause a progression bug AKA, your Wagon will be stuck and you won’t be able to return home for that session. (Steam)
  • Players may see Emperor’s Orders updates from online player’s progress.
  • Exploration will show 0 after canceling a transition to a battle (Steam)
  • The mouse scroll wheel down/controller right trigger will stop functioning for cycling units after using Shift+Tab to open the Steam overlay. Temporary workaround is to press the [Tab] key after it occurs.(Steam)
  • The Bone on the Jurassic Get Up cosmetic has a transparent layer.
  • In online co-op, Mr. Whispers dialogue will overlay on the Host screen when running into Mr. Whispers and a quest objective enemy at the same time.
  • Stepping into a cannon placement with a mounted spidaur will cause a soft lock
  • All AI controlled units use the slower planning speed when one user turns on auto-battler


Last updated 3/24/2017

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