Known Issues For Early Access and XGP

        This is an active list that will be updated periodically! Please don’t report these issues!

  • Bluetooth dongles causing fps drop.
  • 2nd player loses rumble notification for secret spots after dropping out of a match.
  • Than/Then typo in "Heart Break Hospital" quest.
  • The last conversation for "Making News" is not translated when in Spanish.
  • After turning in the quest "Haunt Jaunt" User is unable to move wagon after reaching the objective.
  • Frostwaddle can not be defeated occasionally during Tome Raider quest.
  • Multiple lines are missing translations in "Parque De Los Muertos".
  • Laundry Day quest will become Stuck when turning in the quest objective.
  • During "The Rookie" World Map quest, if you fling any of your fighters with a Gnome they will die when they land.
  • Overflow items from your inventory can end up in the lava after completing Magma Carta part 4.
  • Survival guide unit descriptions are not translated in non-English languages.
  • Troll Mother will spawn in unmovable terrain during the Snottery Barn quest.
  • "Sacrificing" / "Sacraficing" typo in the Cupcake Survival guide entry.
  • Saying No in the Serf’s Up Quest can cause a progression bug AKA, your Wagon will be stuck and you won’t be able to return home for that session.
  • Players may see Emperor’s Orders updates from online player’s progress.
  • Exploration will show 0 after canceling a transition to a battle (Steam)
  • The mouse scroll wheel down/controller right trigger will stop functioning for cycling units after using Shift+Tab to open the Steam overlay. Temporary workaround is to press the [Tab] key after it occurs.(Steam)
  • The Bone on the Jurassic Get Up cosmetic has a transparent layer.
  • In online co-op, Mr. Whispers dialogue will overlay on the Host screen when running into Mr. Whispers and a quest objective enemy at the same time.
  • Stepping into a cannon placement with a mounted spidaur will cause a soft lock
  • All AI controlled units use the slower planning speed when one user turns on auto-battler
  • Rarely a random Kobold/Gnome unit will level up in the house or Marquette.
  • Occasionally UI for fighters in the house will be missing. You can still click on the general area to change cosmetics.
  • NPC enemy has hero particles during Amazon Decathlon.
  • Unreachable treasure chest located right next to a cave.
  • Emperor’s Order doesn’t update the count if the survival guide is open while performing the task
  • Elite flame particle will appear on the worldmap after defeating a random elite team.
  • If you drop a recruited units cage on the world map and go recruit another unit it will override the old cage.
  • Octoclops text entry in the Survival Guide contains a grammatical error.
  • Than/Then text error in the Heartbreak Hospital Quest.
  • When recruiting a fighter with a weapon that you currently have maxed out, the recruited fighter will not appear in the dungeon.
  • A weapon that has reached its max inventory will appear as a default weapon in house and the Pit.


Last updated 5/22/2017

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