Can I stream and make videos with Pit People?

We really appreciate that you took the time to ask for permission about using our game as inspiration for your videos and streams!

We have no problems with fans uploading videos of their playthroughs or streaming any of our games as long as you are not using any of the characters in our games to create new content, such as a new game or a new storyline. (That would be a no-no since we have registered trademarks and copyrights for Pit People and all of our games at the US Patent and Trademark Office and abroad.)

Please note that we have only licensed the music in the game so the original artists own the sole rights of their songs. For any music rights, you will need to contact the individual artists or you could turn off the music but leave on the sound effects and narrator quips, otherwise your videos may be subject to content ID claim. 




You may monetize your videos as long as you adhere to the guidelines listed in the previous paragraphs. We would also ask that you include some mention that the game is currently in Early Access because everything could be subject to change before the full release version comes out. 

Thanks again for playing Pit People and sharing it with your community!

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