I can't help my friend up in an online match. Help!

If you are physically located in different territories and are using the invite, you and your friend may not be a viable "match" for the game because your ping/latency is too high. 
You can tell if the game considers you "viable" by hosting an arena match of any type, and having your friend "join player match" of the same arena mode. If your friend does not see you on the list of viable matches, that means it is not recommended that you play together.
You are still totally welcome to play via invite, just be aware that you may experience this issue, or other problems related to latency. 
This is a tricky issue to address because there are so many moving parts involved in online play and player matching, so we hope you understand!
We've been told this helps as a temporary workaround.
  1. The Ledge Grabber player holds "W" on the ledge border (you can see his hand shaking out of the border direction while doing it).
  2. The player who needs to be grabbed JUMPS or DOUBLE JUMPS till he touches the ledge border / ledge grabber hand. In this very moment, AIR ROLL by the grabbed guy triggers if the grab was successful (you perform a small roll in the air).
  3. To complete the rescue, the ledge grabber player must press UP while holding down W as soon as the AIR ROLL triggers by the jumping player. If the grabber doesn't press up in this very moment, the other player will fall down after the roll.
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