I can't find a BattleBlock match online!

Thanks for purchasing our game on Steam! If you're having online matchmaking issues, here are some initial troubleshooting solutions for you!
FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE: HOSTING - Use this if you can't find a game to play with Quick Match. 
Our games uses traditional peer to peer hosting, and it will not automatically designate a host. If you cannot connect to a game, it may be that there are just no or very few hosted games available! Please try leading the charge, and creating your own hosted game with the Host a Player Match Option.
SECOND LINE OF DEFENSE: PORTS - Use this if you're having trouble hosting, creating or connecting to games.
We use Steam's matchmaking system to create Peer to Peer games. Your network must be properly configured for Steam online services:
If none of these methods work, please open up a Support Ticket with The Behemoth, and we'll do our best to help you out!
Thanks, and we hope you enjoy BattleBlock Theater!
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