I uploaded my playlist, but I can't find it anywhere!

Most likely, your playlist is still alive and well in the online Community!
I can't find my Playlist under "My Playlists..." and can't edit it after uploading!
When you upload a Playlist, it is removed from your Xbox and will not longer appear locally under "My Playlists." It will, however, be accessible online! 
Side note: Before you upload, we highly recommend you back up your playlist prior to uploading so you can edit it later. 
I can't find my Playlist online, and have never been able to... what's up with that?
When Playlists are uploaded, they'll end up in one of two places in the Community Theater: 
a) The Arena; or 
b) The Story/Adventure. 
Make sure you search both sections to find your playlist! You can get to the Arena from The Arena > Community Theater, or the Story/Adventure Section from Furbottom's Features > Community Theater on the blueprint menu.
In order to be considered a Story/Adventure level (and show up in the Furbottom's Features section), you must create 15 levels in a very specific arrangement in the Playlist. 
Here's a cheat sheet:
Levels 1-9: Adventure Mode (Strawberry Icon in the Playlist)
Levels 10-14: Challenge Mode (Triangle with Exclamation Mark Icon)
Level 15: Adventure (Strawberry) OR Challenge (Triangle with Exclamation Mark -- your choice!)
For more detailed information, check out the Adventure Playlist page on the official BattleBlock Theater Wiki, Battlepedia!
All other levels go to the Arena by default! 
I've played my Playlist online before, but it suddenly disappeared!
Playlists may also have been reported enough times by the community to be temporarily removed from the visible playlist feeds.  
The banned feed is moderated regularly and the vast majority of playlists that are falsely reported are reinstated within 72 hours.  You only need to worry if you actually had something lewd or offensive in your playlist, or have infringed on copyrights (such as exactly duplicating a level from another game). 
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