Do I need an online connection for BattleBlock on Steam?

Although you don't need an online connection to play, your earning and trading functionality is partially disabled while offline in our Steam version of the game. This is due to our integration with the Steam item server. 
** We highly recommend you play online if possible, just to eliminate the potential of any syncing errors with the Steam item server! **
Here is the breakdown of exactly what you are not able to do when offline: 
  • You CAN collect gems and yarn. However, YARN will seem to save to your inventory right away, but GEMS will not. Gems will sync up when you go online. Both Gems and Yarn will not actually appear in your Steam Item Server Inventory, though, until you go online.  
  • You CANNOT purchase Prisoners while offline. The Prisoner vending machine will not work.
  • You CANNOT purchase Weapons while offline. The guards will not take your yarn. 
  • You CANNOT trade in-game (since you cannot trade with local players in-general).
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