If I owned Castle Crashers on Xbox 360, do I get a discount?

Yes! We have a we-love-you-forever discount, so if you bought Castle Crashers for the Xbox 360 back in the day (or last month, doesn’t matter) then you'll get Castle Crashers Remastered (CCR) on Xbox One for only $4.99 USD! 

How to get the discount:

-Check that you own the full version of Castle Crashers for Xbox 360
You can do this by either logging into your Xbox Live account on your Xbox 360 or on
-Check that you have a current Xbox Live Gold membership on that profile
-Using that same profile, go to the Xbox One Store and search for Castle Crashers Remastered. If you are logged in, it should list the full version of CCR as $4.99

–> If the price is listed as $14.99, please wait to purchase and contact Microsoft support.

On Xbox One and Xbox 360, Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately) is required. Be sure that you are accessing Castle Crashers Remastered in the Game Store on Xbox One using on the same Xbox Live Gold account that owns Castle Crashers on Xbox 360. Promotion only valid in countries where Castle Crashers Remastered is available.

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