Why replace All You Can Quaff with Back Off Barbarian in the latest Castle Crashers Steam update?

In creating the new ultra-improved Steam update for Castle Crashers we took a close look at everything in the game. One of the things we felt needed updating was the All You Can Quaff (AYCQ) mini game. AYCQ was a reskinning of All You Can Eat (AYCE) that appears in Alien Hominid...from way back in 2004! For the Castle Crashers release in 2008 we did a quick reskin of AYCE with Castle Crashers characters and shipped it….but we don’t feel it was our best work.

In 2014 we began working on the rejuvenated version of Castle and we just kept coming up with new, fun little games that we thought would be better suited for Castle. 

The best of these was a super fun, frantic chase game played in a lush world of challenging environments. It felt as if it was the game that was always meant to be in Castle so we decided to replace AYCQ with Back Off Barbarian. We hope you love it as much as we do!

If you really need a fix of AYCQ, the game is still available on the Xbox 360 as a mini-game in Alien Hominid HD and the Xbox 360 version of Castle Crashers.


For those who earned the Glork achievement for All You Can Quaff before this update goes into effect, the achievement stays on your account but the name of the achievement will change.

The new achievement tied to Back Off Barbarian is called The Final Countdown. If you don’t get the achievement before the update then you’ll need to work for it in Back Off Barbarian! You can unlock this achievement by surviving until the minimum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds in a Back Off Barbarian match.

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    I get why you made a new mini-game; you explained it in the above article. What I don't understand is why you /removed/ the previous one. It didn't in any way prevent you from having this new one, and you admitted that many people loved it. I don't see the harm in letting people keep the thing they paid for: what do you see?

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    Thanks for your comment. We just updated the article to elaborate a little more. Hopefully that answers your questions. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. We appreciate your support.