When I launch the game, I only see a black screen but hear game audio.

Sounds like you've swapped to a resolution your monitor doesn't support. Don't worry, we added launch parameters in Patch 1.3 -- so first off, make sure your game is fully updated.
  1. In the Steam client, navigate to the Games tab
  2. Right click on "Castle Crashers" from the game list, then select the "Properties" menu option
  3. Under the "General" tab, click the "Set Launch Options" button
  4. Clear away that silly warning message!! Or... wait, you should probably pay attention to that. It could really mess up your game. O_O
  5. Copy-paste the following into the box:
This will force the game to launch in windowed mode.
Set the correct resolution for your monitor in-game, under Help and Options > Game Settings > Resolution.
You can also swap to Fullscreen mode here too, but be sure to go back and delete:
from the launch options box later, or you'll have to change your settings every time you boot.
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