How do I transfer my saved data from Castle Crashers Xbox 360?


On your Xbox 360 console:

  • With a current Xbox Live Gold Membership, make sure you are logged into your profile and launch Castle Crashers. (*Note – there is a new update and you will need it for all your save transfer endeavors.)
  • From the Main Menu select PLAYER STATISTICS.
  • Select UPLOAD SAVE FOR XBOX ONE by pressing RT.
  • You will be prompted with a confirmation message. Confirm upload by pressing the A button.

On your Xbox One:

  • Launch Castle Crashers Remastered.
  • From the Main Menu select “PLAYER STATISTICS”. It is the bottom right red button located underneath the Help & Options. It looks thisPlayerStatistics
  • Select DOWNLOAD XBOX 360 SAVE DATA by pressing the X button.
  • You will be prompted with a confirmation message. Confirm download by pressing the A button.

Our goal was to not only transfer your game save data, but to also combine the most important elements of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One saves.


What save data actually carries over?
* The combined Weapon, Animal Orb, and Arena unlocks from your Xbox One and Xbox 360 game saves (“the two saves”).
* The combined character unlocks and progression from the two saves.
– For Character stats, you keep the XP Level, associated stats (XP, strength, defense, magic, and agility), and equipped Weapon and Animal Orb from whichever save has the higher level character.
– For unlocked map level progression and Relics, each character gets the combined progress from the two saves.
– Characters get the “game completed” or “insane mode completed” icon on the selection screen if either of the two saves indicates they should.
What does not carry over?

* Your gold and consumables (Dig ups, kisses, health potions, bombs, and sandwiches) are all left unchanged by the save transfer. Overall pricing has been rebalanced in Castle Crashers Remastered and carrying over your gold could lead to potential exploits.
Note- If you have a lot of gold on your Xbox 360 save and don’t want to lose it. You can still spend it on the Xbox 360 and then transfer the save.
* Unfortunately, no achievements are unlocked by doing a save transfer.
Traditional Achievement Note – If you have a character that shows the game completed icon, you will still need to play and beat the game’s last level on Xbox One to unlock the “Traditional” achievement.

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