What's makes Castle Crashers Remastered different from Castle Crashers?

You'll get the same classic story, levels, arenas, and characters in Castle Crashers Remastered that you loved from Castle Crashers! 

Here's what's different:

Game Name

Castle Crashers
(Xbox 360)

Castle Crashers Remastered
(Xbox One)

Frame Rate 30 FPS 60 FPS
Resolution 720p 1080p
Mini Game All You Can Quaff Back Off Barbarian
Online Multiplayer & Matchmaking Great Even better!
Stats (weapons / animal orbs) Traditional Refined / Buffed



In addition to all of the classic characters & animal orbs you’ve come to love, all of the following special characters and animal orbs can also be unlocked in the game for free:
Special Characters:
King, Open Faced Gray Knight, Necromancer, Cult Minion, Blacksmith, Pink Knight, Alien Hominid, Hatty Hattington


Special Animal Orbs:
Pelter, Dragonhead, Golden Whale


If you played Castle Crashers on Xbox 360 and you're looking to move your progress to the Xbox One for Castle Crashers Remastered, you can transfer characters and animal orbs that you've already collected! Read up on Save Data Transfer here

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